Our supporters do amazing things to raise money and help save lives at Piha. From running a marathon to holding a dinner party, the only limit to getting involved is your imagination.

Ready to have some fun? Sign up with the link below to get your very own fundraising page on our website, fundraising materials and help from our dedicated fundraising team.

To start fundraising for us and create your very own fundraising page please click here.

  • Find a fun fundraising idea that you’ll enjoy. Maybe a sponsored activity, social event or sporting challenge. Check out the ideas below if you haven’t already decided.
  • Create a fundraising page and set your goals. Aim High.
  • Once approved,we’ll send our Fundraising Guide and you’ll be ready to start promoting your fundraising both online (through Facebook and other social media sites) and offline.
  • Monitor your progress on your very own fundraising page and watch your donations grow towards your goal.

We are here to help make your fundraiser success, so feel free to get in touch and talk through your idea.

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How about a sporting event? There are hundreds of events happening in your area each year. Participating in these events is a great way to keep fit and and raise money for keeping Piha safe. Use Google to search for events in your chose area and sport.

Maybe challenge yourself in other ways? Skydiving, bungy jumping, running up a mountain, take a vow of silence, fast for the day – just about anything can be turned in to a fundraiser.

Are you a great host? You could hold a dinner party, afternoon tea, quiz night or barbecue. Invite all your friends and family and ask for a donation to help save lives at Piha.

Perhaps you could sell something? Clear some space and sell your unwanted goods on Trade Me. Organise a ‘swap meet’ for old clothes, books or children’s toys, invite your friends and family and promote it in your local area, charge participants an entrance fee.

Want to give up something? Maybe alcohol, smoking, sugar, or any habit you would rather be without>? Let Piha’s life saving needs be the extra motivation you need to crack it.

Got a special occasion coming up soon? A birthday, wedding or other celebration. You could ask for donations to Piha, through your fundraising page, instead of gifts.