Why save PIHA


We receive no government aid and

rely on the generosity of people like you.

Help us save lives at Piha with a regular gift – join us as a Friend of Piha today!

Throughout the summer our volunteers donate their time and life saving skills to keep visitors to Piha beach safe – last year they donated over 7,000 hours! Even with all this donated time we still need to raise funds for our rescue equipment, training, medical supplies and more. We receive no government aid for this essential service in our community and we rely on the support of people like you. Becoming a Friend of Piha by making a regular gift is the best way you can support our work.

As a Friend of Piha your support enables us to:

  • buy and maintain life saving rescue equipment
  • provide the best possible first aid medical treatment
  • train our volunteer life guards to the highest standards

If you choose to support Piha Surf Life Saving you will be welcomed as a Friend and you will receive:

  • regular updates on our work, enabling you to keep in touch and monitor our progress
  • a special invitation to visit us, find out more about our work and get a ‘behind the scenes’ tour
  • most of all – a sense of achievement knowing that you are helping to save lives at Piha

How much should I give?

We are asking people like you to support Piha Surf Life Saving by donating a small amount on a regular basis. Many people ask us how much they should give. The answer is, of course, just as much as you feel able to. We think that $1 a day (about $30/month) isn’t too much to ask of most people. However, this is just a suggestion and the amount you donate remains your decision.





After pressing the submit button you will be redirected to a secure payment page. Do you need help? info@pihaslsc.com